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I have been in the nails business for 15 years and throughout that time I have developed a strong interest in holistic health with a focus on reflexology.

It started out with seeing a number of my customers suffering from nail related health problems that I was inspired to study and research possible eastern medicine remedies. I believe there are non-invasive treatments to restore nail health and after 4 years of exploration, I wanted to share my learnings and provide a different approach to those interested. Hope my discoveries are helpful and informativ

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손톱발톱 교정으로 드디어 질병의원인을 찾아내다sylvan nail englewood cliffs new jersey

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  1. Wonderful nail salon! Monica is very informative about nail health and holistic approaches. I’ve been coming here for several years and have seen a remarkable improvement in my nails, skin and overall health. I used to get acrylic manicures at another salon but was unhappy wth how they shaped my nails and my hands were so dry. Monica suggested gel manicures and helped shaped my nail beds into a healthy shape that I believe has improved my nails.


  2. What Your Nails Say About Your Health!!
    Our toe nails suppose to be wider because we have nerves in our nails. When nerves are off, our body is not getting oxygen. Oxygen brings to the blood nutritions. Also our fingers and toes are connected to our organs. Therefore, if we have any health problems, it would reflect in our nails. Big toes are connected to the brain. Monica, at the Sylvan Nail at 44 Sylvan Ave. in Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, can help you to restore back your health by triggering the main points of your toes and fingers nails.


  3. I came to monica with ingrown nails both big toes. They were inflamed, red, curving in an exaggerated direction painful ! Wearing shoes was difficult and they exacerbated the pain. Monica explained the importance of cutting toe nails straight across and proceeded to apply wrap forming a square toenail. The results were immediate. My ingrown nails are growing out, my toes are becoming straighter and the inflammation has dissapeared. I can wear shoes now without pain. A physician friend of mine told me it should be a case study. I will publish before and after photos.

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  4. P.s

    I had a lot of back and shoulder pain due to an operation many years ago. Monica completely cured me of that chronic pain. Amongst the many ailments lack of energy and allergies was very severe. I no longer suffer from any of these ailments and do not take any medications.
    I hope this summary can help someone with similar health issues..


  5. If I can describe Monica with only one word, it would be MAGICIAN! I came to see Monica because I had severe ingrown toe nails even after the fact of having major surgery. Surgeons promised me that I would be 99.9% healed, but that was clearly a lie. I’ve been seeing Monica, and not only has she treated my toenails, but also treated my obesity. I have lost a total of 70 lbs in just a few short months. I wish I would have learned about Monica beforehand. I would have never had to get the painful surgery on both big toes for no reason. Everyone, please go see my personal magician, Monica, at Sylvan Nails in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Monica and staff for all of your patience and for healing me the healthy way!

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